Ultrasonic welding method of liquid filled products

Ultrasonic welding method of liquid filled products

How to deal with the ultrasonic welding method for liquid products? Pro don't worry, ultrasonic for everyone to bring the following countermeasures, hope to see after the teammates help.


1. After the product is filled with oil or water, the ultrasonic fusion can still be used, but the oil or water will absorb more than 20% of the ultrasonic energy, so the ultrasonic welding position should not have oil and water as far as possible (the moist feeling will also affect it);

2. Customers usually leave injection holes, ultrasonic fusion, and then use vacuum or manual inhalation (such as Wenzhen, jewelry, etc.);

3. Of course, sometimes the output is small. Considering the cost of vacuum injection, or the product is injected after ultrasonic fusion, it will encounter difficulties in the production process. When it is necessary to load oil or water before ultrasonic fusion, it is recommended that the liquid filling should not be higher than 8% full, and the ultrasonic power can be strengthened.

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