Ultrasonic rotary melting machine plastic welding friction welding machine

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Ultrasonic electronic box / Ultrasonic spot welding machine / Mask machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Servo motor is used to rotate at high speed, and the speed can reach 8000r / min
  • Rotary code tracking is used to dynamically detect the machining depth and accuracy to ensure the product quality.
  • Optical eye tracking is used to detect the workpiece to avoid the loss of human and machine.
  • The machine is controlled by PLC core. It is easy for users to operate and work safely and reliably.
  • It has the advantages of high speed, good welding effect, low noise and beautiful appearance.

Product Details

Machine features:

Rotary fusion plastic welding is the heat generated by friction between plastic parts, which causes the contact surface of plastic parts to melt, and then

Driven by external pressure, the upper and lower workpieces rotate and solidify as a whole, while the positioning rotary melting rotates at a set time,

Instantaneous stop at the set position, become a permanent fusion. Using imported motor and brake clutch, operation

Stable and reliable, using imported time relay control, parameter setting intuitive and accurate, with delay, solidification function, production

It is suitable for circular workpiece which is difficult to be welded by ultrasonic wave

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