High frequency synchronous fuse

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Ultrasonic electronic box / Ultrasonic spot welding machine / Mask machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The fuse cut edge is smooth and the handle is very good
  • Unique electronic constant temperature control system, accurate temperature control
  • Air oil pressure device, one-time welding and cutting off, no need to pad insulation material and no ignition
  • The power range is 5 ~ 35kw, the maximum pressure is 40 tons of oil pressure
  • Automatic slide device, full-automatic production function, semi-automatic mold setting, slide action fast, accurate positioning

Product Details

Simultaneously fuse, (fuse and cut) cardboard and blister (toothbrush packing)

At the same time the fuse is a car synthetic leather chair, sunshade, door armrest

Footwear accessories, trademarks, watch bands. The belt. CD bag etc.

Double-sided blister packaging of environmental protection materials, FOLDING box of environmental protection materials, pressing line, trimming toothbrush/dental floss, plastic blister hanging card packaging

Paper card and blister synchronous fusion, synthetic material

China Dongguan Jiayi ultrasonic Co., Ltd

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