Sliding platform high frequency wave machine

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Ultrasonic electronic box / Ultrasonic spot welding machine / Mask machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Using vacuum tube, the output power is stable and reliable
  • High sensitive spark over-current protection circuit can automatically cut off high cycle suppression spark
  • It is equipped with high cycle frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device to reduce high frequency interference
  • Manual adjustment mould is set up to facilitate mold test
  • Automatic over-current spark protection system can increase the life of vacuum tube. Protection mould damage

Product Details

Application range:

They are blister packaging and paper card sealing packaging;

Any plastic with P.V.C or P.V.C content more than 30% is cut off by fusion

Welding between plastic suction boxes such as VC, pet and medical composite paper, air permeable paper, etc

Suitable for special industries, such as DuPont paper, pet, PVC fusion sealing, infusion bag

Blood bag, catheterization bag, sphygmomanometer tension bag and other plastic products production.

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